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Developments at NYSE Euronext
Diederik Zandstra, Director - Israel Coverage
NYSE Euronext
NYSE Euronext's Global Leadership
NYSE Euronext is the world's leading and most liquid exchange group offering Israeli issuers access to the world's premier capital markets, both in the US and Europe. NYSE Euronext offers tailored solutions to complement the financing needs of Israeli issuers across all sectors and for issuers of any scale, from early stage to mature companies. The choice of exchange is more important than ever for Israeli issuers that are looking to raise capital, attract new investors to fund growth, and attract new business partners and export opportunities in international markets.
Changing regulations in the US and Europe have increased market fragmentation globally and recent economic developments are causing international investors to be more conservative. In addition, with Israel's accession into the OECD and the MSCI World Index for developed economies, Israeli issuers will need to appeal to a different class of investors and compete for capital with issuers from other developed economies.
NYSE Euronext - The Partner of Choice in Today's Market
Trading on NYSE Euronext equity markets represents more than one-third of the world's cash equities volume, providing Israeli issuers with access to the most liquid cash markets. Through our state-of-the-art technology trading platforms, NYSE Euronext provides connectivity between issuers and investors, enabling liquidity and a lower cost of capital. In today's fragmented equities markets, NYSE Euronext provides issuers with a market structure with appropriate safeguards and based on accountability, transparency and price discovery.
Through a listing on NYSE Euronext, Israeli issuers gain access to our unique network of over 2,400 US-listed issuers and over 1,150 European-listed issuers. The ability to gain access and communicate with the leading companies in the world enables issuers to help their strategic agenda and drive business growth. NYSE Euronext is uniquely positioned to act as an influencer of public policy on behalf of its listed companies.
NYSE Euronext, as a leading global exchange brand, provides Israeli issuers with a unique partnership to help gain visibility through customized visibility programs tailored to institutional and private investors, the trading community or customers.
NYSE Euronext provides Israeli issuers with insight into the latest market developments through its market intelligence tools, enabling informed decision-making. It is a NYSE Euronext priority to keep public companies informed of changes in listing standards and financial market developments impacting their businesses.
The Market for Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
NYSE Euronext is highly accessible to growth companies of all sizes and sectors. In addition to several hundred small capitalization stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the US and the NYSE Euronext main board in Europe, NYSE Euronext markets are home to many small caps on its other US and European market platforms dedicated to smaller-sized emerging growth companies.
NYSE Euronext is especially supportive of IPO candidates through the public capital raising process, since they play a vital role in reviving the global economy. Recently introduced new listing standards allow relatively small companies to list on the NYSE main board. Under the enhanced standards, companies can list on the NYSE if at IPO they have a market capitalization of at least $150 million, assets of $75 million and equity of $50 million.
NYSE Euronext lists some 545 companies on its NYSE Amex market in the US, and more than 130 companies on its NYSE Alternext market in Europe. With new listing standards for emerging companies, NYSE Euronext is poised to attract more Israeli companies to its markets in the US and Europe.
Israel and NYSE Euronext
In 1959, NYSE Euronext listed its first Israeli company, Hadera Paper Ltd. (formerly known as American Israeli Paper Mills Ltd.). The company still trades on NYSE Amex. Today, NYSE Euronext lists 14 Israeli companies, which benefit from its value-added services, technology, deep liquidity and superior market quality. The NYSE has attracted well-known Israeli companies such as Cellcom, which listed on the Exchange in February 2007 after raising $400 million in its IPO.
Israeli companies should also note the European venues NYSE Euronext and NYSE Alternext which offer a different regulatory framework and a less costly environment than the US, yet attract a large proportion of institutional investors from the US, UK and the Euro-zone. Kardan, listed on NYSE Euronext's European market, is an example of a well-known Israeli company using the European platform.
Building on it success in attracting Israeli issuers, NYSE Euronext also welcomed in February 2010 the listing of Israel's $1.5 billion sovereign bonds on the NYSE, strengthening the economic status of Israel and Israeli companies in world markets. In addition, through our annual Israel day, NYSE Euronext continues to build on its relationship with Israel and Israeli issuers.
Diversified Product Offerings
As the world's leading exchange group, NYSE Euronext offers a broad and growing array of financial products and services in Europe and the US that includes cash equities, futures, options, derivatives, exchange-traded funds, bonds, market data, and commercial technology solutions. NYSE Technologies is the world's leading provider of electronic trading solutions. Its universal trading platform (UTP), which uniquely connects and combines the liquidity of its five listing venues in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Lisbon onto a single combined order book and trading platform, sets a new industry standard for electronic trading systems. NYSE Technologies provides a range of industry leading data and trading solutions for the trading and market data communities, improving the speed and ease of data dissemination and trading and the cost of providing ever-increasing volumes of trading data. These products cover not only our own markets but hundreds of other equities, derivatives, options, fixed income and foreign exchange markets globally. Our latest offering, SuperFeed, provides a single fully managed feed of market data for banks and fund managers in a single format, covering all major equities and derivatives markets in both the US and Europe.
NYSE Euronext's new London securities market, NYSE Euronext London, unites the strength and visibility of London, as a leading financial center, with NYSE Euronext's leadership position in European markets. This powerful combination provides a unique market attractive to Israeli issuers  seeking a listing in Europe.
In this challenging economic environment, it is important to reemphasize NYSE Euronext's commitment to the IPO process and its collaboration with global partners and IPO candidates to help revitalize the markets. In 2009, NYSE Euronext was among the world's top exchanges by total global IPO proceeds raised for the third consecutive year.
The year 2010 has been off to a tepid start for IPOs, as investors have turned risk averse and await high-quality transactions before the IPO window opens up. When IPO activity regains momentum, NYSE Euronext is ready to welcome the next wave of Israeli issuers.
Diederik Zandstra, Director - Israel Coverage
NYSE Euronext
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