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The Association of Publicly Traded Companies
The Association of Publicly Traded Companies is a non-profit organization representing hundreds of public companies whose shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) and other stock exchanges throughout the world. The Association was founded in 1991 to represent the interests of companies listed on the TASE before government agencies and authorities in the areas of legislation, regulation and supervision.
The Association's chief goal is to enable oversight of the capital market through reliance on adequate disclosure rather than through strict regulation. The Association aims to reduce government involvement in business activity in general, and the capital market in particular.
The Association is known as the representative of the public companies before the following regulatory bodies: the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, the Israel Securities Authority, the Knesset and its committees, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Finance and other government authorities. The Association is involved in important decision-making processes concerning the Israeli capital market, and has been a significant contributor in shaping legislation and regulation in recent years. These authorities recognize the importance of the Association and the need to consult with it before decisions are made.
Over the past years, the Association dealt with a range of issues, including:
  legislation for the Dual Listing Act, allowing Israeli companies listed abroad to also list in Israel
  abolishment of the Stamp Tax, which laid a heavy burden on the Israeli economy in general but 
on public companies, in particular
  efforts to increase tradability. The Association urged the authorities to consider introducing market-
making to the TASE, which resulted in increased trade in companies that opted for this course.
  the keeping of records on companies not complying with maintenance rules and in danger of delisting
  shelf prospectus legislation, electronic reporting, and modification of prospectuses and reporting structure, especially regarding forecasts and "safe haven" clauses
  Chairman: Akiva Mozes, President, Israel Chemicals Ltd.
  President: Gad Soen
  Legal Adviser: Nathan Shilo, Adv.
  Members of the Executive Committee:
Arnon, Ehud - Deputy Director General and Head of Business Division, Israel Discount Bank Ltd. 
Baruch, David - CEO, Excellence Investments Ltd. 
Doitchman, Avi - CFO, Israel Chemicals Ltd. 
Efron, Yael - Director and Head of Investments, Psagot Trust Funds; Director, Elbit Systems Ltd. 
Friedman, Mordechai - Former Chairman, The Israel Electric Corporation Ltd. 
Fudim, Yair - Managing Director, Shrem Fudim Group 
Gavish, Yekutiel - Director, Ratio Oil Exploration Ltd. 
Goldstein, Dan - Chairman & CEO, Formula Vision Technologies Ltd.  
Horwiz, Nir - CEO, Ampa Capital Car Lease Ltd. 
Karniel, Uzi - Company Secretary & General Counsel, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. 
Last, Gabi - Chairman, Delek Group Ltd. 
Levinson-Sela, Elli - Legal Consultant and Corporate Secretary, Alon Holdings Blue Square Israel Ltd. 
Mar-Haim, Amos - Director, Hadera Paper Ltd. 
Orgeller, Yair - Director, Israel Chemicals Ltd., Gazit-Globe Ltd., Sargon Networks Ltd., Itamar Medical Ltd. 
Perri, Arnon - CEO, Vita Pri Galil Ltd. 
Preminger, Shai - CEO, Gaon Holdings Ltd. 
Raz, Tal - CEO, Clal Finance Ltd. 
Rotlevi, Yair - CEO and Chairman, Lodzia-Rotex Investment Ltd. 
Rozen, Yaakov, CEO, Menora Mivtachim Finance 
Solganik, Eyal - Deputy CEO & CFO, IDB Holding Corporation Ltd.
Address: Amot Mishpat House, 8 Shaul Hamelech Blvd., Tel Aviv 64733 Israel 
Telephone: 03-693-8212   Fax: 03-693-8213   Email:
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