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Key Executives:
Joseph  BacharJoseph  Bachar
Investor Relations:Barry Simon   Phone: 972-3-514-6593  
Web Site:
TASE Symbol: DSCT Year Listed: 1996 
Main Indexes:TA25, TA100, TA Banks, TA Finance, Maala SRI
Industry:Banking, Financial Services
Year Established:1935
# of Employees:9,940
Research Coverage:Barclays Capital, Citigroup, Clal Finance, Deutsche Bank, DS Invest, IBI Ltd., Leader Capital Markets, Psagot Investment House, UBS
Auditor:BDO Ziv Haft (member of BDO International), Somekh Chaikin (member of KPMG International)
Main Subsidiaries:Mercantile Discount Bank   |   Israel Discount Capital Markets & Investments   |   Tachlit Investment House   |   Israel Credit Cards   |   Diners Club Israel   |   Discount Bancorp Inc.   |   IDB New York   |   IDB (Swiss) Bank   |   Discount Bank Latin America, Uruguay
Rating:Platinum (Rated by Maala CSR)
Office Address:23 Yehuda Halevi Street, Tel Aviv 65136 Israel
  Israel Discount Bank is a leading financial group in Israel. With nation-wide coverage and a strong domestic franchise, the Bank provides a full spectrum of corporate and retail financial products and services to its clients, both in Israel and in key financial centers around the world.
  The Discount Group is comprised of commercial banks and financial services companies, active in credit cards, investment banking, portfolio management and trustee services. Together with Mercantile Discount Bank, the Group operates over 200 branches throughout Israel, servicing the retail and corporate sectors.
  Abroad, the bank operates through a network of subsidiaries, branches and representative offices in North America, Europe and Latin America, with a focus on commercial and private banking. Israel Discount Bank New York (IDBNY) is the largest Israeli-owned bank operating outside of Israel.
  In terms of corporate, social and environmental responsibility, Discount Bank is among the leading Israeli corporates and is recognized among the top ten companies by the Maala Business for Social Responsibility Index. The bank is also included in the FTSE4GOOD Index and in the UN Global Compact.
  Discount Bank is a member of the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE: DSCT). Controlling Shareholders constitute 25%, with 75% of the shares held by the Public.

CEO: Lilach Asher Topilsky
VP Head of Finance Division: Yigal Ronay
EVP, Chief Accountant: Joseph Beressi
Corporate Secretary: Ruth Moshkovitz

Chairman: Joseph Bachar
  Three Months Ended
Income Statement Data ($m) 2013 2012
Interest Revenues, Net 273 235
Non-Interest Revenues 248 226
Pretax Income 73 63
Net Income 21 49
Diluted Earnings Per Share ($) 0.02 0.05
Data translated at the NIS/$ exchange rate of 12/31/13


  Year Ended December 31
Income Statement Data ($m) 2013 2012 2011
Interest Revenues, Net 1,057 1,075 1,106
Non-Interest Revenues 1,014 938 846
Pretax Income 337 335 268
Net Income 252 231 244
Diluted Earnings Per Share ($) 0.24 0.22 0.23
Data translated at the NIS/$ exchange rate of 12/31/13


Balance Sheet Data ($m) 12/31/13 12/31/12
Cash & Equivalents 7,294 6,943
Net Loans 34,485 33,884
Total Assets 57,766 57,912
Total Equity 3,612 3,496
Data translated at the NIS/$ exchange rate of 12/31/13


Key Financial Ratios 12/31/13 12/31/12
Gross Loans/Total Deposits 77.80% 77.40%
Avg. Total Equity/Avg. Assets 7.00% 6.60%
Return on Equity 6.10% 5.70%
Return on Assets 0.40% 0.40%


Business Summary 12/31/13
Overall Credit Risk
Households 33%
Construction & Real Estate 17%
Industry 12%
Commerce 11%
Financial Services 12%
Communications & Computing Svcs. 1%
Other business services 5%
Public and Comm services 3%
Other 6%
Agriculture 1%


Dividend Policy
The Bank's Management believes that it would not be possible to distribute a dividend in 2014


Main Shareholders
Treetops Acquisition Group LP   10.9%
Treetops Acquisition Group II LP   7.3%
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  Credit Cards
Israel Credit Cards ICC (a company under the Bank's control) issues, markets and supports credit cards - VISA , Diners and MasterCard, which are valid in Israel and abroad.

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  Capital Markets
Capital market operations include securities activity (excluding activity for the Bank’s own account), portfolio management and pension products.

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  Construction and Real Estate
These operations include customers of the Bank’s various divisions operating in the construction and real estate sector.

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  Mortgage Activity - Housing Loans
This includes the mortgage operations of the Discount Group in Israel (Mercantile Discount Bank and Discount Mortgage Bank - merged with and into the bank in June 2012). This segment includes the granting of loans for housing purposes (purchase, construction etc.) and the granting of loans for any purpose secured by a mortgage on a residential apartment or other property.

Israel Discount Bank Announces Third Quarter Financial Results and Strategic Updates
More Info

Israel Discount Bank Reported Q1 Net Income NIS 278 Million Compared to NIS 143 Million in Q1/2010, an Increase of 94.4% More Info

Israel Discount Bank Conference Call Q1 2011 Interim Report Tuesday, 31st May, 2011 at 16.00 (Israel); 14.00 (UK); 09.00 (EST) More Info

All Announcements

Israel's Discount Bank reports sharp drop in 4Q profit - 10/3/2015 - Israel's Discount Bank reports sharp drop in 4Q profit
More Info

Globes - 21/12/2014 - ScotiaBank to buy Discount Bank Latin America
ScotiaBank has signed an agreement to buy Israel Discount Bank's Uruguay unit for $65 million. More Info

Globes - 17/12/2014 - Discount Bank sells 2% First Int'l Bank stake
After Discount Bank sells the shares for NIS 100 million, it will have a 16.5% holding in First International Bank. More Info

Globes - 3/12/2014 - Bronfman Group sells off final Discount Bank stake
More than 50% of the 4.5% stake in Israel Discount Bank was reportedly bought by foreign investors. More Info

Israel Discount Bank third-quarter net falls 15% - 21/11/2014 - Israel Discount Bank third-quarter net falls 15%
More Info

Globes - 20/11/2014 - Israel Discount Bank profit falls
Third quarter profit in 2014 was NIS 234 million, down from NIS 274 million in the corresponding quarter. More Info

Globes - 4/9/2014 - Bronfman sells 6% stake in Discount Bank
Matthew Bronfman sold the shares for NIS 360 million through Citi. More Info

Globes - 2/6/2014 - Discount Bank sells First Int'l Bank stake
Discount Bank is selling First International Bank shares worth NIS 250-300 million. More Info

Globes - 22/5/2014 - Discount halts talks to sell Uruguayan bank
Israel Discount Bank has broken off talks with Jaime Gilinski to sell DBLA. More Info

Globes - 22/5/2014 - Discount Bank revenue, profit down
Net profit fell 37% to NIS 165 million for the first quarter from the corresponding quarter. More Info

Die Israel Discount Bank ist eine der führenden Finanzgruppen in Israel. Mit ihrer landesweiten Reichweite und ihrer starken sowie wachsenden innerländischen Lizenzvergabe bietet die Discount Bank ihren Kunden sowohl in Israel als auch in den wichtigsten Finanzzentren das komplette Spektrum an Finanzprodukten und  services für Firmen und Privatkunden.
  In Israel besteht die Discount Group aus Geschäftsbanken und Finanzserviceunternehmen mit Aktivitäten im Bereich Kreditkarten, Investmentbanking, Portfoliomanagement und Treuhanddienstleistungen. Zusammen mit der Mercantile Discount Bank betreibt die Gruppe über 200 Geschäftsstellen im gesamten Land mit der Versorgung aller Einzelhandels- und Firmensektoren.
  Im Ausland ist die Bank über ein Netzwerk an Tochterunternehmen, Zweigstellen und Vertretungsbüros in Nordamerika, Europa und Lateinamerika mit Fokus auf Geschäfts- und Privatbanking tätig. Die Israel Discount Bank New York (IDBNY) ist die größte Bank außerhalb Israels, die in israelischer Hand ist.
  Hinsichtlich der unternehmerischen, sozialen und ökologischen Verantwortung gehört die Discount Bank zu den führenden israelischen Unternehmen und wird vom Maala Index unter die Top Zehn eingestuft. Außerdem wurde die Discount Bank in den FTSE4GOOD-Index aufgenommen.
  Die Discount Bank ist Mitglied der Börse in Tel-Aviv (TASE: DSCT). Mehrheitsaktionäre bilden 25%, während 75% der Aktien von der Öffentlichkeit getragen werden. Die Forschung und Abdeckung der Bank wird von Barclays Capital, CITI, Clal Finance Brokerage, Deutsche Bank, DS Invest, IBI, Leader Capital Markets, Meitav Brokerage, Psagot und UBS realisiert. 

  La Israel Discount Bank est un groupe financier de premier plan en Israël. Avec une couverture nationale et une action de franchise nationale solide et en croissance, la Discount Bank offre un éventail complet de produits et de services financiers pour ses clients, entreprises ou particuliers, en Israël ainsi que dans des centres financiers majeurs dans le monde.
  En Israël, le Discount Group est composé de banques commerciales et de sociétés de services financiers, et agit dans le domaine des cartes de crédit, de services bancaires d'investissement, de gestion de portefeuille et des services fiduciaires. En partenariat avec la Mercantile Discount Bank, le groupe exploite plus de 200 succursales à travers le pays, gérant tous les secteurs du détail et des entreprises.
  À l’étranger, la banque opère au travers un réseau de filiales, de branches et de représentants en Amérique du Nord, en Europe et en Amérique Latine, avec une action prioritaire dans les services bancaires pour les entreprises et les particuliers.  La Israel Discount Bank New York (IDBNY) est la banque israélienne la plus importante parmi celles agissant hors des frontières nationales.
  En termes de responsabilité sociale et environnementale de l'entreprise, la Discount Bank compte parmi les plus grandes sociétés israéliennes et est reconnue parmi les dix premières sociétés selon l'indice Maala. En outre, la Discount Bank a été inscrite dans la FTSE4GOOD Index.
  La Discount Bank est membre de la bourse de Tel-Aviv sous le nom de DSCT (TASE). Les actionnaires majoritaires détiennent 25 %, les 75 % restants étant détenus par le public. La recherche et l’assurance de la banque sopnt pris en charge par les sociétés suivantes : Barclays Capital, CITI, Clal Finance Brokerage, Deutsche Bank, DS Invest, IBI, Leader Capital Markets, Meitav Brokerage, Psagot et UBS.

Israel Discount Bank es un grupo financiero líder en Israel. Con cobertura nacional y una fuerte y creciente franquicia doméstica, Discount Bank proporciona un amplio espectro de productos corporativos y financieros y da servicio a sus clientes tanto en Israel como en centros financieros clave de todo el mundo.
  En Israel, Discount Group se compone de bancos comerciales y empresas de servicios financieros, activos en tarjetas de crédito, banca de inversión, gestión de carteras y servicios de fideicomiso. Junto con el Mercantile Discount Bank, el Grupo opera en más de 200 sucursales de todo el país, ofreciendo servicio a todos los sectores corporativos y minoristas.
  En el extranjero, el banco opera a través de una red de subsidiarias, sucursales y oficinas de representación en Norteamérica, Europa y Latinoamérica, centrándose en la banca privada y comercial. Israel Discount Bank New York (IDBNY) es el mayor banco de propiedad israelí que opera fuera de Israel.
  En términos de responsabilidad corporativa, social y medioambiental, Discount Bank está entre las corporaciones punteras israelíes, y está considerada entre las diez mejores compañías por el Maala Index. Además, Discount Bank ha sido incluido en el FTSE4GOOD Index.
  Discount Bank es miembro de la bolsa de Tel Aviv (TASE: DSCT). Los accionistas mayoritarios constituyen el 25%, con un 75% de las acciones controladas por el público. Barclays Capital, CITI, Clal Finance Brokerage, Deutsche Bank, DS Invest, IBI, Leader Capital Markets, Meitav Brokerage, Psagot y UBS ofrecen cobertura y estudios sobre le banco. 

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