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Key Executives:
Amikam CohenAmikam Cohen
Daviv MaimonDaviv Maimon
Dganit PaltiDganit Palti
Investor Relations:Moran Mazor   Phone: 972-3-971-4612  
Web Site:www.elal.co.il
TASE Symbol: ELAL Year Listed: 2003 
Main Indexes:TA Mid Cap-50, TA Mid Cap, Maala SRI
Year Established:1948
# of Employees:5,896
Research Coverage:Analyst, Bank Hapoalim, Clal Finance, IBI Investment House, IBI Ltd., Psagot Investment House, Sphera, Tachlit
Auditor:Deloitte Brightman Almagor Zohar (member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu)
IR Firm:Eisenberg-Eliash Ltd.
Main Subsidiaries:Tamam (Israel) Ltd.   |   Borenstein Caterers Inc.   |   Superstar Holidays Ltd.   |   Sun D'Or International Airlines Ltd.   |   Katit (Israel) Ltd.   |   Investment in other companies – Maman
Rating:Gold (Rated by Maala CSR)
Office Address:Ben Gurion International Airport, Lod 70100 Israel

EL AL Israel Airlines, established in 1948 as Israel's national airline carrier, and since led the country's passenger and cargo air transportation sector. Its main activities are passenger and cargo transport via scheduled flights. Charter flights are carried out by Sun D'or International Airlines Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary that acts as a tourism organizer. In addition, the company sells duty free items and prepares and supplies in-flight food through subsidiaries and affiliates and provides maintenance services to other airlines.
  In 2013, EL AL had scheduled flights to 35 destinations directly, and many other destinations around the globe through cooperation agreements with other airlines. The company also carries about 93,000 tons of cargo each year.
  The company has a fleet of 40 Boeing aircraft in service, with 25 owned by the company. The Company continues with its investment plan, including investing in the purchase of new Boeing 737-900 aircrafts – part of the purchase deal of eight aircraft. Four of these are already in service for El Al, while the 5th is expected to arrive in March 2015. The other three will enter service with El Al during the first quarter of 2016.

 EL AL strives to provide a rich flying experience including a wide choice of quality entertainment programs, a variety of meals and sale of duty-free items.  EL AL's

Frequent Flyer club is a popular, long-established program, offering special benefits to loyal customers. In 2013, membership topped the 1.3 million members. El Al is presently changing the operation framework of the club and about to launch a branded credit card in cooperation with financial institutions during the third quarter of 2014.
 , EL AL's market share was 32.5%. Load factor was 82.9%. The EL AL Web site continued its dramatic sales growth both in Israel and worldwide and recorded a 19% increase in direct Internet sales during 2013.

  The Company commercial financial results for 2013 reflect the company’s leadership activities in various sectors. El Al ended the year with a profit of $25.4 million. The Company showed an increase of 4% in revenues as well as significant increases in cash flow and capital.

  The Company ended 2013 with a solid cash flow from regular activities – about $185.3 million. This is a remarkable improvement versus a cash flow of $78.3 million in 2012 and a good basis for advancing and developing the Company. The Company had a cash balance of about $99 million, which is a good basis that will aid in making investments and developing growth engines and additional sources of revenue.

In 2013 the Company dealt successfully with the intensified competition which was reflected in the 9% traffic increase at Ben Gurion Airport. El Al increased its seat capacity on offer by about 5%.

  The Company concluded attractive financing agreements with international financial institutions. Amongst others, the Company raised financing in two issues in the USA bond market to the value of about $200 million.

 In response to international market trends and the changing needs of international civil aviation (including the open-skies policy), El Al launched On 30th March its own new low-cost airline brand: UP to Berlin, Budapest, Larnaca, Kiev and Prague. Thus the company joins the trend in international aviation and other big world airlines and responds to the range of preferences of its customers. The UP brand enables passengers to build / buy the product that best serves their needs.

CEO: Daviv Maimon
Daviv MaimonDavid Maimon has been appointed President & Chief Executive Officer of EL AL Israel Airlines in March 2014. Prior to this position Maimon was a Vice President Commercial & Industry Affairs of EL AL Israel Airlines until March 2014. Since 2005, David Maimon served as Vice President Customer Service. Prior to this position he served as Chief Executive Officer of Servicemen's Welfare Association, Chairman of the American Sandwich and Vice President of Human Resources at Tevel Telecom. Maimon currently serves on the Board of Directors of Sun D’Or International Airlines Ltd David Maimon holds a bachelor degree in political science from Bar-Ilan University and a master's degree in business administration from Derby University.

CFO: Dganit Palti
Dganit PaltiDganit Palti has been appointed Vice President Finance of El Al Israel Airlines on March 2014. Prior to this position she served as Vice President Finance of Granite Hacarmel Investments Ltd. MRS. Palti is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a bachelor's degree in Economics & Accounting and her MBA in Business management from the Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Chairman: Amikam Cohen
Amikam CohenIn 2009, Mr. Amikam Cohen was appointed EL AL's Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Cohen is the CEO of Hutchison Water Holdings Company, a division of the Hutchison Whampoa group. Mr. Cohen was the founder and the first CEO of Partner Communications Ltd. until 2007. He previously served as the CEO of the Elite and Strauss groups, and at several top management positions at Tadiran. Mr. Cohen received his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering & Management from Ben-Gurion University.

Vice Chairperson: Tamar Mozes Borovitz
Tamar Mozes Borovitz has been Vice Chairman of the Board of EL AL and a member of the board of Knafaim Holdings Ltd. since 2005. She also serves as Chairman of Dori Media Group and is a board member of Mapal Communications Ltd. and Tamar Mozes Investments. Mrs. Borovitz holds a bachelor's degree in political science and sociology from Bar-Ilan University.
Vice Chairman: Yehuda Levy
Yehuda Levy was appointed a member of the Board in 2008. He also serves as Chairman of Knafaim Holdings Ltd., EL AL's parent company and as a board member of Dori Media Group Ltd., A.L. Aviation Assets Ltd. and Adanim Wood Industries Ltd. Levy is the Managing Partner of Goldfarb, Levy, Eran, Meiri, Tzafrir & Co - the second largest law firm in Israel. Mr. Yehuda Levy holds an LL.B from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem and is a member of the Israel and New York State Bar associations.
Pinchas Ginsburg
Pinchas Ginsburg was appointed a member of the board in 2009. He also serves as CEO of Hillel Tours Ltd., a travel agency that represents foreign carriers in Israel, a board member of West East LTD., a company that represents foreign carriers in Israel, Privilege Tourism LTD, a tourist company, Maditred Jerusalem Ltd., a travel agency, and Airtour Ltd., air and land package distributors. Mr. Ginsburg holds a graduate degree in Economics & Accounting, from the Tel Aviv University, Israel.
Shlomo Hanael
Shlomo Hanael has been a member of the board since 2009. He also serves as CEO of Knafaim Holdings LTD, EL AL's parent company and as a board member of Global Knafaim Leasing LTD, Tal Limousine and QAS (Alternating with Swissport), and Kanfei Tahzuka. Mr. Hanael holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University, Israel and a B.Sc. degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the Technion, Haifa, Israel.
Sofia Kimerling
Sophie Kimerling has been a member of the EL AL board since January 2011. Ms. Kimerling is also a board member of Knafaim Holdings Ltd., and Sun Dor International Airlines. Ms. Kimerling worked for National Semiconductor (Israel) for over 25 years, as the purchasing department manager. She holds a Business degree from Derby (Israel) University.
Ruth Portnoy
Ruth Portnoy was appointed as a member of El Al's board in December 2013. Ms. Portnoy is the Founder and the CEO of TMF- Tailor Made Finance. Previously she worked at Standard and Poor's Maalot for over 10 years, as Vice President. Ms. Portnoy holds a bachelor's degree in Economics and an MBA in Finance from Hebrew University.
Yair Rabinowitz
Yair Rabinowitch has been a member of the board since 2007. He also serves as Chairman of Modus Selective Investment Management & Advice Ltd. and Medigus - a medical device company. Mr. Yair Rabinowitch has an Accounting degree from the Hebrew University and is a CPA. He is also Chairman of the Finance and Budget & Balance committee.
Joshua Shemer
Prof. Joshua Shemer has been a member of the board since 2008. He is also a board member at Assuta hospital since 2005. Until 2007, Prof. Shemer was Director-General of Maccabi Healthcare Services. Prof. Shemer received his PhD from the Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Medicine.
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    Three Months Ended Six Months Ended
  June June
  Income Statement Data ($m) 2014 2013 2014 2013
  Total Revenues                 571.5                 529.7                 986.9                 960.7
  Gross Profit                  105.3                   82.0                 122.2                 119.8
  Gross Margins % 18% 15% 12% 12%
  Operating Income                    24.6                     7.0                 -27.3                 -29.3
  Interest, Net                    -2.2                    -2.1                    -5.5                    -9.1
  Pretax Income                    22.6                     5.0                 -32.3                 -38.2
  Net Income                    16.3                     3.7                 -23.4                 -28.8
  Diluted Earnings Per Share                   0.03                   0.01                 -0.05                 -0.06
    Year Ended December 31    
  Income Statement Data ($m) 2013 2012 2011    
  Total Revenues 2,103         2,016         2,043    
  Gross Profit  349            314            278    
  Gross Margins % 17% 16% 14%    
  Operating Income  38               12             -44    
  Interest, Net -1             -37                 0    
  Pretax Income  38             -23             -42    
  Net Income  -12             -18             -50    
  Diluted Earnings Per Share 0.05         -0.04         -0.10    
  Balance Sheet Data ($m) 06/30/14 12/31/13    
  Total Cash & ST Investments 186               96    
  Current Assets 460            312    
  Total Assets 1716         1,567    
  Current Liabilities 923            728    
  Total Equity 141            180    
  Key Financial Ratios   06/30/14 12/31/13    
  Current Ratio   0.50 0.43    
  L-T Debt/Equity   337% 264%    
  Business Summary   06/30/14      
  Passenger   91%      
  Cargo   3%      
  Other   6%      
  Dividend Policy          
  Dividend distribution from time to time, according to Board of Directors decision and company needs.      
  Main Shareholders        
  Knafaim Holdings Ltd. 36.30%        
Pinchas Ginsburg
  The Phoenix Holdings Ltd 3.68%        
  Delek Group Ltd. 2.64%        
Air service to 35 destinations
  Air service to 35 destinations
Air service to 35 destinations directly and many other destinations around the globe through cooperation agreements with other airlines.

El Al  Reports First Quarter 2011 Financial Results

All Announcements

Globes - 9/10/2013 - Boeing delivers El Al's first extended range 737
The delivery is the first of six 737-900ERs the Israeli carrier has on order and is the latest addition to EL AL's all-Boeing fleet. More Info

Israeli airlines strike over "Open Skies" plan WN Top Stories - 21/4/2013 - Israeli airlines strike over "Open Skies" plan
JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel's three airlines went on strike Sunday over a proposed "Open Skies" deal with the European Union that local workers say jeopardizes their jobs. EL AL, Arkia and Israir stopped their outbound flights from Israel early Sunday morning.... More Info

WN - Business News - 24/9/2012 - Fuel costs delay anti-missile system on El Al planes
El Al is delaying installation of a new system to protect its airplanes from missile attacks due to a financial dispute with the government. The airline is in the advanced stages of negotiations with defense electronic firm Elbit Systems for the purchase of the system, which provides enhanced protection against missile attacks. But it has held off on installing the product, known as C-MUSIC, due to a financial dispute between El Al and Elbit, on one hand, and the... More Info

WN- Mideast News - 6/5/2012 - Israel President on Air Canada After EL AL Dispute
Connect With Us on Twitter Follow @nytimesworld for international breaking news and headlines. Twitter List: Reporters and Editors JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel's national airline has apologized to President Shimon Peres after attempting to charge him nearly $5,000 to bring an oxygen tank on an official trip to Canada. Israeli media reported last week that Peres opted to fly with Air Canada because El Al, for the first time, wanted to charge the 88-year-old president for the oxygen tank. According to protocol, an oxygen tank and other medical equipment is mandatory whenever an Israeli president or prime minister flies abroad. El Al spokeswoman Anat Friedman said Sunday that the airline sent... More Info

Globes - 15/2/2012 - El Al CEO: Harder for us to compensate passengers
Eliezer Shkedi complained that El Al is handicapped by being excluded from major international airline alliances. More Info

Globes - 1/2/2012 - El Al CEO: Open skies is irresponsible
Eliezer Shkedi: What is being presented now is liable to cause Israeli aviation to crash. More Info

Jerusalem Post - 5/1/2012 - Universities sue El Al to carry lab monkeys
Petition states that over past year airline has begun to raise difficulties for institutions of higher education that request monkeys for research purposes. More Info

Globes - 25/12/2011 - Gov't payout will save El Al $5.8m in security costs
The government will gradually pay up to 90% of Israeli airlines' security costs More Info

Globes - 12/12/2011 - El Al granted permit for fourth daily flight to Eilat
El Al can offer 580 seats in each direction daily on Eilat flights, up from 430. More Info

Globes - 23/11/2011 - Fuel price hikes more than halve El Al's profit
The carrier reported $21 million profit and a 6% rise in revenue in the third quarter. More Info

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