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Key Executives:
Michael  FedermannMichael  Federmann
Bezalel  Machlis
CEO & President 
Investor Relations:Joseph Gaspar   Phone: 972-4-831-6663  
Web Site:www.elbitsystems.com
NASDAQ Symbol: ESLT Year Listed: 1996 
TASE Symbol: ESLT Year Listed: 1996 
Main Indexes:TA25, TA100, TA Blue-Tech 50, TA Technology, TA Tel-Div, Maala SRI, NASDAQ Israel
Industry:Defense, Electronics, Optics
Year Established:1966
# of Employees:12,134
Research Coverage:Bank Hapoalim, Bank Igud, Clal Finance, Deutsche Bank, HSBC Bank PLC, IBI Ltd., Migdal Capital Markets, Psagot Investment House, RBC Capital Markets, UBS
Auditor:Ernst & Young - Kost, Forer, Gabbay & Kasierer
IR Firm:CCG Investor Relations
Main Subsidiaries:Elbit Systems Electro-Optics Industries Ltd.   |   Elbit Systems of America, LLC   |   Elbit Systems Land and C4I Ltd.   |   Elisra Electronic Systems Ltd.   |   Elbit Security Systems Ltd.   |   Elbit Systems Cyclone Ltd.   |   Kinetics Ltd.   |   Soltam Systems Ltd.
Rating:Platinum (Rated by Maala CSR)
Office Address:Advanced Technology Center, P.O. Box 539, Haifa 31053 Israel
  Elbit Systems Ltd. is an international defense electronics company engaged in a wide range of programs throughout the world. The company, which includes Elbit Systems and its subsidiaries, operates in the areas of aerospace; land and naval systems; command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR); unmanned aircraft systems; advanced electro-optics; electro-optic space systems; electronic warfare (EW) suites; airborne warning systems; electronic intelligence (ELINT) systems; data links; and military communications systems and radios. The company also upgrades existing military platforms and develops new technologies for defense, homeland security and commercial aviation applications. In addition, the company provides a range of support services.
  Principal Market Environment
  Elbit Systems operates primarily in the defense and homeland security arenas. The nature of military actions in recent years, including low intensity conflicts and ongoing terrorist activities, has caused a shift in the defense priorities for many of the company’s major customers. As a result, Elbit believes that there is greater demand in the areas of C4I, as well as intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), including network centric information systems, intelligence gathering systems, border and perimeter security systems, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), unmanned surface vessels (USVs), remote controlled systems, space and satellite based defense capabilities and homeland security applications. There is also a growing demand for cost effective logistic support and training and simulation services. The company believes its systems, products and capabilities position it to meet evolving customer requirements in several of these areas.
  Meeting the Challenge of Change
  Elbit Systems tailors and adapts its technologies, integration skills, market knowledge and battle-proven systems to each customer’s individual requirements for both existing and new platforms. By upgrading existing platforms with advanced electronic and electro-optic technologies, the company provides customers with cost-effective solutions enabling them to improve their technological and operational capabilities within limited defense budgets. The company also has a growing expertise in providing “systems of systems”, which provides overall solutions for customers’ comprehensive defense and security needs.
  Extending the Company's Reach
  The worldwide defense market has been characterized in recent years by significant consolidation and merger and acquisition activity. Part of Elbit’s growth strategy includes continued activity in mergers and acquisitions, both in Israel and internationally. Elbit operates as a multi-domestic organization in order to meet the needs of its customers around the world. The company's structure enables it to benefit from the synergy of its overall capabilities while at the same time focusing on local requirements. In order to broaden its geographic diversity and continue to develop target markets, the company is expanding its strategy to reach countries wih growing defense budgets in Asian Pacific and Latin America.

CEO & President: Bezalel Machlis
CFO & Executive VP: Joseph Gaspar
Joseph  GasparJoseph Gaspar was appointed as Executive Vice President in 2008 and Chief Financial Officer in 2001. He was appointed corporate vice president in 2000 and served as corporate vice president – strategy, technology and subsidiaries from 2000 until 2001. From 1996 until 2000, he held the position of corporate vice president, marketing and business development of Elop. Mr. Gaspar joined Elop in 1975 and held several management positions, including vice president and general manager of Elop’s optronics product division and co-manager of an Elop US subsidiary. Mr. Gaspar holds a bachelor of science degree from the Technion in electronic engineering with advanced studies in digital signal processing and communication.

Corporate Secretary: Ronit Zmiri

Chairman: Michael Federmann
Michael  FedermannMichael Federmann has served as Chairman of our Board since 2000. He has held managerial positions in the Federmann Group since 1969, and since 2002 he has served as Chairman and CEO of Federmann Enterprises Ltd. Currently, he also serves as Chairman of the Board of directors of Dan Hotels Corp. Ltd. Mr. Federmann is Chairman of the board of governors of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He also serves as the President of the Israel-Germany Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Mr. Federmann holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from the Hebrew University.

Moshe Arad
Moshe Arad served as vice president for external relations of the Hebrew University from 1994 to 2004. He currently serves as the Chairman of the board of trustees of The Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University and is a director at Discount Investment Corporation Ltd. and the Israeli branch of the Mandel Foundation from Cleveland, Ohio. From 1994 to 1999, he was a member of the board of directors of Elbit Ltd. During 1992 and 1993, Mr. Arad served as director general of the Israel Ministry of Communications. From 1990 to 1992, he was a member of the Tel Aviv law firm, Herzog, Fox, Ne’eman. Mr. Arad served as Israel’s ambassador to the United States from 1987 to 1990 and as Israel’s ambassador to Mexico from 1983 to 1987. Ambassador Arad holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and international relations and a L.L.B. degree from the Hebrew University. Mr. Arad serves on the Audit Committee, the Financial Statements Review Committee and the Compensation Committee of our Board.
Avraham Asheri
Avraham Asheri has served as an economic advisor and a director of several companies since 1998. He currently serves on the boards of directors of Elron Electronic Industries Ltd., Discount Mortgage Bank Ltd., Koor Industries Ltd., Mikronet Ltd. and Radware Ltd. Mr. Asheri was president and chief executive officer of Israel Discount Bank from 1991 until 1998 and executive vice president and member of its management committee from 1983 until 1991. Prior to that, he served for 23 years at the Israel Ministry of Industry and Trade and at the Israel Ministry of Finance, including as director general of the Israel Ministry of Industry and Trade, managing director of the Israel Investment Center and Trade Commissioner of Israel to the United States. Mr. Asheri holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from the Hebrew University. Mr. Asheri serves as the Chairman of the Audit Committee and the Compensation Committee and as a member of the Financial Statements Review Committee and the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee of our Board.
Rina Baum
Rina Baum is vice president of investments of Federmann Enterprises, and since 1986 has served as director and general manager of Unico Investment Company Ltd. She serves as a director of Dan Hotels, Etanit Building Products Ltd. and Incotec Ltd., as well as in other managerial positions within the Federmann Group. She also serves as a director in Harel-PIA Mutual Funds Management Company Ltd. Mrs. Baum, Advocate, holds an LLB degree from the Hebrew University.
David Federman
David Federmann has served in various management capacities in Federmann Enterprises since 2000. He currently serves as chairman of the board of Freiberger Compound Materials GmbH in Freiberg, Germany and as a member of the boards of directors of Dan Hotels and BGN Technologies (the Technology Transfer Company of Ben-Gurion University). David Federmann is the son of Michael Federmann, Chairman of our Board. Mr. Federmann holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and philosophy from New York University.
Yehoshua Gleitman
Dr. Yehoshua (Shuki) Gleitman has served as the managing partner of Platinum VC since 2001. He currently serves as chairman of the board of directors of Widemed Ltd. and of Capital Point Ltd. and is a director of Teuza – A Fairchild Technology Venture Ltd. From 2000 until 2005, he was the CEO and a director of SFKT Ltd. From 1997 until 1999, Dr. Gleitman was the CEO of Ampal-American Israel Corporation. Prior to that he served in various senior management positions in the Israeli government and in Israeli industry, including as director general and chief scientist of the Israel Ministry of Industry and Trade, Chairman of the U.S.-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation, joint Chairman of the U.S.-Israel Science and Technology Commission, managing director of AIMS Ltd., vice president and general manager of Elop’s marine and aerial operations and head of the Laser Branch of the IMOD. Dr. Gleitman serves as the honorary consul general of Singapore to Israel, Chairman of the executive board of Holon Institute of Technology and a member of the executive board of Tel Aviv University. Dr. Gleitman holds bachelor of science, master of science and PhD degrees in physical chemistry from the Hebrew University. Dr. Gleitman serves as the Chairman of the Financial Statements Review Committee and the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee and as a member of the Audit Committee and the Compensation Committee of our Board.
Yigal Ne’eman
Yigal Ne’eman serves as the general manager of the Academic College of Israel in Ramat Gan. From 1994 to 2010, he served as the chairman and president of the Israel College. From 1989 to 1993, he served as chairman and as a shareholder of several industrial, commercial and service companies. Mr. Ne’eman served as the president and CEO of Tadiran Ltd. from 1981 to 1989. During that period he served as chairman of the boards of directors of Elisra and Elop. Prior to that he held a number of management positions in the control and finance departments of Tadiran. Mr. Ne’eman completed his accounting studies at the Hebrew University and is a Certified Public Accountant. Mr. Ne’eman serves as a member of the Audit Committee, the Financial Statements Review Committee and the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee of our Board.
Dov Ninveh
Dov Ninveh has served as CFO and a manager in Federmann EnterprisesE since 1994. He serves as a director of Dan Hotels, Etanit Ltd. and as a member of the shareholders’ delegation of Freiberger Compound Materials GmbH in Freiberg, Germany. Mr. Ninveh served as a director of Elop from 1996 until 2000. From 1989 to 1994, he served as deputy general manager of Etanit Building Products Ltd. Mr. Ninveh holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and management from the Technion.
Dalia Rabin
Ms. Dalia Rabin currently serves as the Chairperson of the Yitzhak Rabin Center, a national institute dedicated to ensuring that the legacy of former Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Yitzhak Rabin continues to impact Israeli society through experiential educational programming, a national archive and a museum. Before that, Ms. Rabin was a member of the Israeli Government from 1999 until 2002. She was elected to the Knesset on the Center Party Ticket in 1999 and acted as Chairperson of the Ethics Committee. She also served on the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee; the Committee for the Advancement of the Status of Women; the State Control Committee; and the Committee for the Advancement of the Status of the Child. In March 2001, Ms. Rabin was appointed Deputy Minister of Defense. She resigned in July 2002 to head the Rabin Center. Prior to her election to the Knesset, Ms. Rabin served as the legal advisor of the professional associations of the General Federation of Labor (the "Histadrut"). She also served for fourteen years in the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office in the Civil Division, specializing in Labor Law. Ms. Dalia Rabin holds an LLB degree from Tel - Aviv University. Ms. Rabin serves as a member of the Audit Committee, the Financial Statements Review Committee and the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee of our Board.
    Three Months Ended
  Income Statement Data ($m) 2013 2012
  Total Revenues            812            844
  Gross Profit             212            239
  Gross Margins % 26% 28%
  Operating Income                58               70
  Interest, Net             -10             -11
  Pretax Income                48               60
  Net Income                45               59
  Net Income Attributable to Elbit System's Shareholders
              43               57
  Diluted Earnings Per Share           1.00           1.40
    Year Ended December 31
  Income Statement Data ($m) 2013 2012 2011
  Total Revenues 2,925.20 2,888.60 2,817.50
  Gross Profit  814.8 815.9 732
  Gross Margins % 28% 28% 26%
  Operating Income  239.4 203.1 115.7
  Interest, Net -37.3 -26.1 -13.6
  Pretax Income  203 177 104
  Net Income  191.4 170.5 89.8
  Net Income Attributable to Elbit  Shareholders
183.4 167.9 90.3
  Diluted Earnings Per Share 4.35 3.97 2.09
  Balance Sheet Data ($m) 12/31/13 12/31/12
  Total Cash & ST Investments            265            265
  Current Assets         1,884         1,996
  Total Assets         3,811         3,933
  Current Liabilities         1,509         1,435
  Total Equity         1,051         1,194
  Key Financial Ratios 12/31/13 12/31/12  
  Current Ratio 1.25 1.39  
  L-T Debt/Equity 55% 48.80%  
  Business Summary 2013    
  Passenger 88%    
  Cargo 9%    
  Other 4%    
  Dividend Policy    
  Dividend distribution from time to time, according to Board of Directors decision and company needs.    
  Main Shareholders    
Federmann Enterprises Ltd
  Psagot (via several entities) 5.0%    

Hermes® 450
  Hermes® 450
Hermes® 450 is a versatile, long-endurance Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV). It is equipped with Elbit Systems’ CoMPASS™ EO/IR/LD gimbaled electro-optical payload, and can adapt to a wide range of payloads including SAR/GMTI radar, ELINT, COMMINT, SATCOM and dual payload configurations.
C4I Systems
  C4I Systems
Elbit Systems is a leading developer of innovative and comprehensive C4I systems for the full range of defense forces. The company's systems employ a tactical building-block approach to link various applications and levels of command implementing a net-centric concept. Configurations comprise tactical computers, digital maps, message handling systems, border surveillance, advanced communication controllers and modems as well as various components developed for customer-specific needs.
Pilot helmets
  Pilot helmets
The company's Helmet Mounted Systems (HMS) incorporate tracking and display systems for target designation, weapon and sensor slaving and processing and display of tactical information day and night. They are supplied as part of upgrade programs as well as on a stand-alone basis.
Night vision systems
  Night vision systems
Elbit Systems Electro-optics - Elop’s (Elop) thermal imagers employ the latest infrared, FPA, signal and image processing technologies. The company's thermal imaging products include hand-held cameras, medium and long-range cameras/night sights, super long range observation sensors, clip-on night sights, elbow sights and night driving systems for AFVs/MBTs, coastal, naval and airborne sensors – and more.
Defense forces of various nations

Elbit Systems U.S. Subsidiary Awarded a $73.4 Million USMC IDIQ Contract for Common Laser Range Finder - Integrated Capability More Info

Elbit Systems of America Awarded a $106 Million Contract for the Upgrade of C-1A Aircraft for the Brazilian Navy More Info

Elbit Systems Introduces: InterSKY(R) VNO-S2(TM) SatCom Network Solution for Virtual Network Operators More Info

Elbit Systems to Upgrade Romanian Air Forces' C-130 Transport Aircraft Under Contract Valued at $18.6 Million More Info

Israeli Court Dismissed the Application for Approval of Derivative Action Filed by Minority Shareholders of ImageSat International More Info

Elbit Systems to Supply an Asian Country With Electro-Optical Payloads for Maritime Patrol Aircraft Under Contract Valued at Approximately $20 Million More Info

Elbit Systems to Supply an Asian Army With Advanced Tactical Training Systems for $32.7 Million More Info

Elbit Systems Reports First Quarter 2011 Results More Info

Elbit Systems to Establish a Pilot Training Center for Macedonian Defense and Security Forces More Info

Elbit Systems Schedules First Quarter 2011 Results Release for May 16, 2011 More Info

All Announcements

Globes - 19/1/2015 - Asian army orders Elbit missile protection systems
Elbit Systems mini MUSIC IR MWS based DIRCM will protect the army's Blackhawk helicopters from heat seeking missiles. More Info

Globes - 23/12/2014 - Elbit Systems wins $106m Brazilian Navy upgrade
Elbit Systems will upgrade four Grumman C-1A aircraft at its M7 Aerospace unit in San Antonio, Texas. More Info

Globes - 13/11/2014 - Elbit Systems reports lower revenue and profit
The defense electronics company's order backlog has risen to $6.2 billion. More Info

Globes - 11/11/2014 - Elbit Systems wins $29m US Air Force deal
The five year contract is for logistics support of the USAF’s F-16 head-up display electric module assemblies. More Info

Globes - 13/8/2014 - Elbit Systems wins $80m Latin American C4I deal
The project is part of the Latin American army's extensive modernization program. More Info

Globes - 22/6/2014 - Elbit Systems wins first-ever Philippines order
The company won a $20 million contract to supply upgraded APCs. More Info

Globes - 8/6/2014 - Swiss Army chooses Elbit Systems for drone program
Elbit Systems will supply its Hermes 900 HFE to the Swiss Armed Forces More Info

Globes - 28/5/2014 - Elbit Systems wins $133m Latin American deal
The company will supply homeland security crime-fighting applications. More Info

Globes - 19/5/2014 - Elbit Systems unveils new mortar
The Spear system can be used on lightweight combat vehicles. More Info

Globes - 18/5/2014 - Elbit Systems inaugurates Incubit accelerator
Incubit Technology Ventures plans to invest in more than 20 ventures in the next eight years. More Info

Corporate video for Elbit Systems - DOMINATOR

Elbit Systems Ltd. ist ein internationales Rüstungselektronikunternehmen, das an einer Vielzahl an Programmen auf der ganzen Welt beteiligt ist. Das Unternehmen ist in den folgenden Bereichen tätig: Luft- und Raumfahrt; Land- und Schiffsysteme; Kommando, Steuerung, Kommunikation, Computer, Information, Überwachung und Aufklärung (C4ISR); unbemannte Luftfahrtsysteme; fortgeschrittene elektro-optische Geräte; elektro-optische Weltraumsysteme; elektronische Kampfmittel; luftgestützte Warnsysteme; elektronische Informationssysteme; Datenverknüpfungen; und militärische Kommunikationssysteme sowie Funk. Das Unternehmen verbessert außerdem bestehende militärische Plattformen und entwickelt neue Strategien zur Verteidigung, für den Heimatschutz und für kommerzielle Luftanwendungen. Weiterhin bietet das Unternehmen eine breite Palette an Support-Services.
  Bedeutendstes Marktumfeld
  Elbit Systems ist hauptsächlich in den Bereichen Verteidigung und Heimatschutz tätig. Die Art der militärischen Aktionen der letzten Jahre, darunter sogenannte Konflikte mit niedriger Intensität und ständige terroristische Aktivitäten, hat einen Wechsel in der Verteidigungsstrategie vieler wichtiger Kunden des Unternehmens bewirkt. Infolgedessen besteht laut Elbit ein höherer Bedarf in den Bereichen C4I sowie bei der Information, Überwachung und Aufklärung (ISR), darunter zentrale Netzwerkinformationssysteme, intelligente Aufklärungssysteme, Grenz- und Perimetersicherungsanlagen, unbemannte Luftsysteme (UAS), unbemannte Bodenfahrzeuge (UGVs), unbemannte Überwasserschiffe (USVs), ferngesteuerte Systeme, weltraum- und satellitengestützte Verteidigungsmöglichkeiten und Anwendungen für den Heimatschutz. Weiterhin besteht ein erhöhter Bedarf an kosteneffizienten Logistiklösungen sowie Schulungs- und Simulationsservices. Laut dem Unternehmen sorgen seine Systeme, Produkte und Fähigkeiten dafür, dass die zukünftigen Kundenbedürfnisse in mehreren dieser Bereiche erfüllt werden.
  Den Herausforderungen des Wandels begegnen
  Elbit Systems passt seine Technologien, Integrationsfähigkeiten, Marktkenntnisse und kampferprobten Systeme an alle individuellen Kundenbedürfnisse für neue und bestehende Plattformen an. Durch die Nachrüstung bereits existierender Plattformen mit fortgeschrittenen elektronischen und elektro-optischen Technologien versorgt das Unternehmen die Kunden mit kosteneffizienten Lösungen zur Verbesserung der technologischen und operativen Möglichkeiten innerhalb begrenzter Budgets zur Verteidigung. Das Unternehmen widmet sich auch immer mehr dem Konzept “Systeme von Systemen”, das ganzheitliche Lösungen für umfassende Verteidigungs- und Sicherheitsbedürfnisse des Kunden bietet.
  Erweiterung der Reichweite des Unternehmens
  Im Laufe der letzten Jahre wird der weltweite Verteidigungsmarkt durch signifikante Konsolidierungen und Zusammenschlüsse sowie Übernahmeaktivitäten charakterisiert. Als Teil seiner Wachstumsstrategie möchte Elbit weiterhin aktiv an Zusammenschlüssen und Übernahmen sowohl in Israel als auch international teilhaben. Elbit agiert als eine auf mehrere Standorte verteilte Organisation, um den Bedarf seiner Kunden auf der ganzen Welt zu decken. Dank der Unternehmensstruktur kann die Firma einerseits von der Gesamtfähigkeit profitieren, während sie sich andererseits auf lokale Anforderungen einstellt. Um die geographische Vielfalt auszudehnen und weitere Zielmärkte mit wachsenden Verteidigungsbudgets im asiatisch-pazifischen Raum und in Lateinamerika zu erreichen, baut das Unternehmen seine Strategie aus.

Elbit Systems Ltd est une entreprise de défense électronique internationale, engagée dans un large éventail de programmes à travers le monde. La société opère dans les domaines de l'aérospatiale ; les systèmes terrestres et navals; le commandement, le contrôle, les communications, l’informatique, le renseignement, la surveillance et la reconnaissance (C4ISR); les systèmes d'aéronefs sans pilote ; l’électro-optique de pointe ; les systèmes spatiaux électro-optiques ; la gamme de produits de la guerre électronique (EW) ; les systèmes d'alerte aéroportés ; les systèmes de renseignement électronique; les liaisons de données ; les systèmes de communications militaires et les radios. La société modernise également des plates-formes militaires existantes et développe de nouvelles technologies pour la défense, la sécurité intérieure ainsi que des applications de l'aviation commerciale. En outre, la société fournit une gamme de services de support.
  Environnement du marché principal
   Elbit Systems opère principalement dans le domaine de la défense et de la sécurité nationale. La nature des actions militaires de ces dernières années, y compris les conflits de faible intensité et les activités terroristes continuelles, ont entraîné un changement dans les priorités de la défense pour de nombreux clients importants de l'entreprise. En conséquence, Elbit estime que la demande est plus importante dans les domaines du commandement, du contrôle, des communications et de l’informatique, (C4I), ainsi que dans ceux des renseignements, de la surveillance et de la reconnaissance (RSR), ce qui comprend les systèmes d’information en réseau centrique, les systèmes de collecte de renseignements, les systèmes de sécurité des frontières et du périmètre, les systèmes d'avions sans pilote (UAS ), les véhicules terrestres sans pilote (UGV), les navires de surface sans équipage (USV), les systèmes télécommandés, les capacités de défense de l'espace et des satellites et les applications de la sécurité nationale. Il existe également une demande croissante pour des services de support logistique économiques efficace ainsi que pour des services de formation et de simulation. La société estime que les systèmes, produits et capacités qu’elle propose lui permettent de répondre aux besoins des clients, dans plusieurs de ces domaines.
  Relever le défi du changement
  Elbit Systems élabore et adapte sur mesure, ses technologies, ses compétences d'intégration, sa connaissance des marchés et ses systèmes mis à l’épreuve, aux besoins individuels de chaque client, que ce soit pour une plate-forme existante ou pour une nouvelle. Par la modernisation de plates-formes existantes grâce à des technologies électroniques et électro-optiques à la pointe du progrès, la société fournit à ses clients des solutions rentables leur permettant d'améliorer leurs capacités technologiques et opérationnelles tout en restant dans les limites étroites des budgets de défense. La société dispose également d’une expertise croissante en termes de fourniture des «systèmes de systèmes», ce qui fournit des solutions globales pour tous les besoins de ses clients, en matière de défense et de sécurité.
  Extension de la portée de l'entreprise
  Le marché de la défense dans le monde entier a été caractérisé ces dernières années par d'importants regroupements, fusions et acquisitions. Une partie de la stratégie de croissance d'Elbit consiste à poursuivre ses activités de fusion et d’acquisition, tant en Israël qu'à l'étranger. Elbit fonctionne comme une organisation multi-domestique afin de répondre aux besoins de ses clients du monde entier. La structure de l'entreprise lui permet de bénéficier de la synergie de ses capacités générales, tout en pouvant prendre en compte les exigences locales. Afin d'élargir sa diversité géographique et de continuer à développer des marchés cibles, l'entreprise élargit sa stratégie pour atteindre les pays dont les budgets de défense sont en croissance, en Asie-Pacifique et en Amérique latine.

Elbit Systems Ltd. Es una compañía internacional de electrónica de defensa que se ocupa de una gran variedad de programas en todo el mundo. La compañía opera en las áreas aeroespacial; sistemas navales y de tierra; mando, control, comunicaciones, ordenadores, inteligencia, vigilancia y reconocimiento (C4ISR); sistemas de navegación aérea sin tripulación; electro-óptica avanzada; sistemas de electro-óptica espacial; paquetes de programas bélicos electrónicos (EW); sistemas de alerta aérea; sistemas de inteligencia electrónicos; enlaces de datos; y sistemas de comunicaciones militares y radios. La compañía también actualiza plataformas militares ya existentes y desarrolla nuevas tecnologías para aplicaciones de defensa, seguridad nacional y aviación comercial. Además, la empresa proporciona diferentes servicios de asistencia.
  Mercado principal
  Elbit Systems opera principalmente en las ramas de defensa y seguridad nacional. La naturaleza de las acciones militares de años recientes, incluyendo conflictos de baja intensidad y actividades terroristas en curso, ha provocado un cambio en las prioridades de defensa de muchos de los principales clientes de la compañía. Como resultado, Elbit cree que hay una mayor demanda en las áreas de C4I, al igual que en inteligencia, vigilancia y reconocimiento (ISR), incluyendo sistemas de redes de información céntricas, sistemas de recopilación de inteligencia, sistemas de seguridad en fronteras y perímetros, sistemas de navegación aérea sin tripulación (UAS), vehículos terrestres sin tripulación (UGV), navíos de superficie sin tripulación (USV), sistemas controlados remotamente, capacidad de defensa basada en el espacio y en satélites y aplicaciones de seguridad nacional. También hay una creciente demanda de asistencia logística rentable y servicios de simulación y formación. La compañía cree que sus sistemas, productos y capacidades la colocan en una posición para cumplir con las cambiantes necesidades del cliente en varias de estas ramas.
  Enfrentarse al reto del cambio
  Elbit Systems crea y adapta sus tecnologías, capacidad de integración, conocimiento del mercado y sistemas probados según las necesidades individuales de cada cliente, tanto para plataformas ya existentes como para nuevas plataformas. Al actualizar plataformas existentes con avanzada tecnología electro-óptica y electrónica, la compañía proporciona a sus clientes soluciones rentables que les permiten mejorar sus capacidades tecnológicas y operativas dentro de presupuestos de defensa limitados. La compañía también tiene creciente experiencia proporcionando “sistemas de sistemas”, que proveen soluciones completas para las necesidades totales en seguridad y defensa de los clientes.
  Extender el alcance de la compañía
  El mercado de defensa global se ha caracterizado en años recientes por una significativa consolidación y una actividad de fusión y adquisición. Parte de la estrategia de crecimiento de Elbit incluye actividad continuada en fusiones y adquisiciones, tanto en Israel como internacionalmente. Elbit opera como una organización multi-doméstica para cumplir con las necesidades de sus clientes en todo el mundo. La estructura de la empresa le permite beneficiarse de la sinergia de sus capacidades totales mientras se centra al mismo tiempo en requisitos locales. Para extender su diversidad geográfica y continuar desarrollando sus mercados objetivo, la compañía está expandiendo su estrategia para llegar a países con crecientes presupuestos de defensa en Asia-Pacífico y Latinoamérica.

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