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TASE Symbol: EVGN 
NYSE Symbol: EVGN 
Main Indexes:TA100, TA Biomed, TA Blue-Tech 50
Industry:Agriculture, Biotechnology
# of Employees:160
  Evogene is a world leading developer of improved plant traits, such as yield and drought tolerance, for a wide diversity of key crops through the use of plant genomics *.
  The company focuses on utilizing its proprietary computational genomic technologies to provide a complete solution for plant trait improvement through combining state-of-the-art biotechnology and advanced breeding methods. These technologies include ATHLETE for gene discovery; Gene2Product for improving trait efficacy and probability of successful development of biotechnology seed products; EvoBreed for breeding enhancement; and a new novel monocot model plant (Brachypodium) validation system for evaluation of candidate genes. Evogene's plant genomics capabilities combine high throughput plant validation systems, field experiments and proprietary genomic data creation.
  Evogene is collaborating with five of the seven largest seed companies in the world to introduce its improved plant traits into key commercial crops under milestone and royalty bearing agreements. 
  The companys multi-disciplinary team includes experts for plant genetics, plant physiology, agronomy as well as first tier bioinformatics expertise. 85% of the companys personnel are involved in R&D with over 25% holding Ph.D. degrees. In addition, Evogene benefits from tight interactions with agriculture and plant science academia.
  Evogene's core competence strongly relies on its computational technologies, combining unique analysis tools with extensive plant genetics and agriculture know-how, resulting in a rich and robust trait pipeline. These technologies are designed to analyze various data types, covering over 130 plant species from both public and self-generated proprietary data, allowing the company to predict the effect and compatibility level of candidate genes. 
  Evogene has developed a high throughput model plant validation platform, which offers a quick and efficient way to assess gene effects, with a capacity for validating over 1,000 genes per year.
  In November 2012, Evogene launched its Phenomix platform, which utilizes advanced proprietary technologies for the collection, storage and integrated analysis of vast amounts of phenotypic data directly from the field.
In early 2012 Evogene established Evofuel, a wholly owned subsidiary, to focus on developing seed for advanced second-generation feedstock for biofuel.
Included in the activities that are being transferred from the parent company to Evofuel is the development and commercialization of castor bean varieties for Brazil as well as the biofuel research and development activities located in Israel.
  Evogene is currently focusing on developing improved traits for crops that feed the world, including corn, soybean, cotton, canola, rice and wheat, as well as castor for the production of biofuel. Evogene's trait pipeline includes key traits such as improved yield, drought tolerance, nitrogen use efficiency and pest and plant disease resistance, generating estimated annual revenues of billions of dollars. To date, Evogene has over 2,500 novel genes under granted or pending patents relating to these key plant traits.
  Evogene is collaborating with world leading seed companies to introduce its improved traits into commercial crops, and further develop and commercialize seeds displaying improved performance.
  Among Evogene's partners are DBN, Bayer CropScience, Biogemma (the Limagrain Group), Monsanto Company, Pioneer Hi-Bred (a DuPont Business), Syngenta and others.
  Under Evogenes business model, Evogene specializes in the upstream innovative development phases while downstream activities are carried out by its partners. Genes discovered are licensed to Evogene's partners for further plant evaluation and commercial launch through seed product sales. The collaborations are based on research and licensing agreements that usually include Evogene receiving research payments, milestone payments and royalties from seeds sold.
  Collaborations Highlights
  Monsanto Company  
  In 2008, Evogene entered into a multi-year collaboration with Monsanto Company to improve yield, drought tolerance and nitrogen use efficiency in key commercial crops, including corn, soybean, canola and cotton. The agreement, which was expanded in 2011, includes research payments to Evogene of $47 million, development milestones and royalty payments based on sales of resulting products. In addition, Monsanto acquired an $18 million equity stake in Evogene with an option for an additional investment of $12 million by Monsanto.
  Bayer Crop Science
  In 2010, Evogene entered into a five year collaboration with Bayer CropScience to improve yield, drought tolerance and fertilizer use efficiency in wheat. The agreement includes research payments to Evogene of $20 million, development milestones and royalty payments based on sales of resulting products. In addition, Bayer CropScience acquired a $12 million equity stake in Evogene. 
  Rasi Seeds
  In 2012 Evogene entered into a collaboration with Rasi Seeds, focusing on increasing yield and drought tolerance in rice. Pursuant to the collaboration agreement, candidate genes discovered by Evogene for these key traits will be introduced into Rasi Seeds pipeline for the development of improved hybrid rice. The company also entered into a collaboration with T6 Industrial, a leading Argentinean biodiesel producer, to develop castor bean as a sustainable and cost competitive feedstock for biodiesel in Argentina.
  In 2013, Evogene entered into a collaboration with Chinese biotechnology company, DBN on improving key rice traits.  Pursuant to the agreement, candidate genes discovered and prioritized by Evogene for these traits will be introduced into DBN's pipeline for the developement of improved rice.
  Company Mission
  Evogene's mission is to be the world leader in applying plant genomics to improve plant performance in order to address the global demand for food, feed and fuel.
   *Plant Genomics - Science of understanding and analyzing plant components to identify and impact biological elements responsible for traits

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